I'm sorry but I've just been told the manufacturer has stopped making REOPUS kits. I have none left and can't supply them any more.

Pertronix in the USA have recently introduced a fitting kit for the Jaguar V12 engine. Using the mass produced Pertronix Ignitor module means it is considerably cheaper than the REOPUS. I believe they also have kits for Aston Martins and other engines where the Lucas OPUS was originally used. I suggest you search them out as I know very little about them.

The manufacturer of our hand-made kits simply could not compete on price terms. Retirement was beckoning, and it seemed an appropriate time to cease production with the alternatives now available.

Here is the text of a letter he sent out....

I have sold all of the last batch of REOPUS H amplifiers I made last year and I have decided to discontinue manufacturing.

I am now over 70 so perhaps it is time slow down. Over the last few years the New Zealand dollar has increased in value between 25% and 30% against the US dollar and UK pound, naturally this has had considerable affect on my margin.

I have upgraded about 25 REOPUS versions 3 and 4 amplifiers to work with our REOPUS H pickup and all have been very pleased with the result. I intend to continue with upgrading and any other REOPUS repairs. I have REOPUS H pickups in stock these will only be sold together with a REOPUS 3 or 4 upgrade.

Best Regards and many thanks for your support,

Dave Curry.

If you need to contact the manufacturer, you can do so with a visit to his excellent web site: http://www.reopusignition.com/

Please go to his web site for all enquiries about REOPUS upgrades, repairs or warranty work.

My web site will be left online for a limited time for information only.


REOPUS H amplifier & pickup


NOTE: Pickup with shorter wires is our "B-type" pickup for the Jaguar V12 where amplifier is mounted between the cylinder heads. REOPUS H is suitable for 1971-1982 Jaguar V12 engines including: Jaguar XJ12, Daimler Double Six, E-type SIII, Jaguar XJ-S. Also... Aston Martin Vantage/Volante 5.3 litre 1977-79, DBS V8 1976-79. Plus various Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and several Race-car applications (e.g. Cosworth DFV engines)

.Original OPUS amp Original components

It is now over 6 years since we first produced “REOPUS” amplifiers. The REOPUS v.3 and v.4 have been our best performers and have done a great job of overcoming the limitations of the original system. However, pickups for the OPUS system are becoming very difficult to find and expensive. On top of that, their quality is such that it is rare to have two working to the same performance... even "hard-to-get"new ones! These availability problems and output variations mean the pickup is now the weakest point.

We knew the REOPUS amplifier would work even better if we could manufacture a modern purpose-designed pickup. We have now addressed this problem with the new REOPUS “Hall Effect” pickup and matching REOPUS H ("H" for Hall Effect) amplifier circuit board.

As our testimonials page shows, the earlier versions of REOPUS amplifier gave significant improvements in starting and smooth running, etc. With the new REOPUS H circuit board and pickup, the result is a “Double-Whammy” compared to what we had before!

A quote from REOPUS designer/manufacturer, "In 2010 I began to develop a REOPUS Hall Effect pickup.  I have run development versions of the new setup in my car and thoroughly tested them on our various rigs.  I am now confident that the REOPUS H will provide our customers with the results they expect.  The further improvement in engine starting, and smoothness is quite amazing… plus the built-in reliability factor."


  1. REOPUS are the only manufacturer of OPUS replacement ignition systems that have an on-board regulated 5 volt power supply for the ignition electronics.  This is because all electronic sensor and timing circuits change with voltage. When the starter is engaged the battery voltage can be as low as 8.5volts.  Below 1500RPM the battery voltage may only be 13.8 volts.  When you are at motorway speeds the battery voltage should be at least 14.3volts and with the newer Calcium batteries it should be between 14.3 and 14.6volts. Providing the battery can give 8 volts, a REOPUS ignition gives the increased spark required during startup. As we have maintained the original starter relay circuit, you get a full spark “On time, every time”. The 5 Volt regulated power supply may cost a bit more but the precision timing it provides gives better starting and a noticeable improvement in engine smoothness.

  2. Battery voltage does have an effect on the coil output.  REOPUS amplifiers use a IGBT transistor designed to give faster switching times and less voltage drop, making sure you always get the maximum output from your coil with the voltage available.

  3. The new REOPUS H pickup has an Isolated Hall Effect sensor and magnet encapsulated in a sealed heat treated epoxy resin with alloy mounting base. The Red colour-coded pickup and grommet is installed into the distributor in the original position.  It uses the original timing rotor and fits the original 3 pin amplifier connector.  The REOPUS H pickup has a 3 pin connector for the power and output connections.  This avoids ground loop and connection issues.

  4. The REOPUS H has been tested with our new pickup from 15°C to 110°C.  The duty cycle changes less than 2% and this is from 600RPM to 7000RPM.

  5. The pickup gap is not as critical as the original OPUS.  A REOPUS H pickup gap can be from 0.020thou ± 0.010thou without any problem. This is more important than it may at first seem… we have noticed some new timing rotor wheels where the ferrite rod placement is not as close to the edge as early originals. With our new pickup, closing the gap a little overcomes this problem. 

  6. The REOPUS H pickup also works without any changes on the fuel injection OPUS ignition engines. (The fuel injection engines have a magnet in the rotor).

  7. Existing REOPUS v.3 and v.4 amplifiers can be modified by us to operate with the new REOPUS H pickup. Without doubt, a very worthwhile upgrade

  8. Our circuit boards use high quality industrial electronic components - they are not a modular unit, or sealed "Black Boxes". Consequently, REOPUS circuit boards are repairable.

  9. REOPUS Engineering provides customers technical support at no cost. Our service and attention to detail is without parallel. For example, we made sure we could upgrade our existing REOPUS v.3 and v.4 amplifiers to work with the REOPUS H pickup. It is our duty to look after our existing customers.

  10. No changes are required to the original wiring or mechanical components. The REOPUS H amplifier is installed into the original OPUS alloy case and uses the original pickup mount, timing rotor, ballast resistor, coil and wiring, making installations potentially less troublesome. Your car can be maintained according to the original manual, except for the pickup, which is a Hall Effect sensor and Magnet.The REOPUS H pickup is also sealed from the distributor environment so will have an even longer life time.

  11. The REOPUS H Hall effect pickup does not have the heat related problems associated with the original OPUS system. There is no 500kHz oscillator frequency to be maintained within close tolerances.

  12. Accurately fires all V12 cylinders up to 6,500rpm. Other engines such as 4 cylinder, V6, V8,V10 Cosworth racecar applications can reach proportionately higher rpm.

  13. Better fuel consumption and improved emissions.

  14. Eliminates the temperature related timing scatter problems of the original Lucas OPUS unit.

  15. On board diagnostic led system.

The original OPUS heat problems were due to amplifier components and the pickup changing specification... the weakness of the OPUS ignition system. It had a narrow window of operation. Just a few thousandths change in the pickup gap caused problems. The REOPUS H amplifier has a much wider window of operation and is very stable at all normal operating temperatures under the bonnet of your car.

PLEASE NOTE: Our new pickup can only be used with a REOPUS H or suitably modified REOPUS v.3 or v.4 amplifier. It is NOT to be used with an original Lucas OPUS amplifier. That is not a “Hall Effect” system.

THE REOPUS H amplifier.

REOPUS H circuit board. REOPUS amp Board installed in casing H_in_case

The Three REOPUS H Pickups.

Pickup installed in distributor.Pickup_in_Distributor

There are 2 pickups for the Jaguar V12, the "B Type" and "C Type". The "A type" pickup is for the Aston Martin V8, Cosworth and other Lucas OPUS AB3 systems.

The Two Pickup Types for the Jaguar V12.

The Jaguar V12 use the REOPUS H "B Type" or "C type" pickup they are supplied complete with wiring, rubber grommet and correct 3 pin connector. The REOPUS H pickup is installed in the original mount in the distributor and uses the original rotor and 3 pin amplifier connector.

REOPUS H “B Type” pickup for the original Black wire installations.
Pickup connector has 2 x male pins and 1 x female socket

"B type" pickup.B_pickup

REOPUS H “C Type” pickup for Red, Yellow, Black wire installations.
Pickup connector has 1 x male pin and 2x female sockets

"C type" pickup. C_pickup

The REOPUS H "A Type " pickup is for Aston Martin V8 and other cars fitted with the Lucas OPUS AB3 ignition system.The " A Type" pickup is connected to the original OPUS pickup wiring and mounted onto the original pickup mount in the distributor. The original timing rotor is used. Detailed instructions are provided with the pickup.

"A type" pickup. A_type_pickup

Don't forget, we offer free ongoing technical support for our customers and you can always contact us with the link on the side column >>>>>>>>>



5+ Year Warranty.

The manufacturer warrants, for a period of 5+ years from the date of purchase, that the REOPUS H circuit board and Pickup is free from defects in material and workmanship.

The manufacturer’s obligations under this warranty are limited to the REOPUS H circuit board and Pickup only when it is used as a replacement for the Lucas Opus Type AB3 ignition trigger amplifier together with the original car manufacturer’s ballast resistor, REOPUS H pickup sensor and an appropriate coil.

All warranty claims will require examination at our manufacturing facility, transportation charges pre-paid, and if after examination, the unit is found to be defective we will either repair or replace it at our discretion.

The warranty shall not apply to any units which have been damaged by poor installation methods, repaired or altered except by the manufacturer, or which have been subjected to abuse/misuse.

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